23 April 2010

The Musings Have Begun....

Instead of working on some homework, like I should be doing right now, I decided to start a blog, again. I did do one, and I probably would have simply picked that one back up again, but it's connected to a different email address, so it is easier to just start a new one.

I was just thinking about how many things seem to play out slightly differently in my life than in others, so I decided it would be fun to write a blog and keep people updated on what is happening along with writing on some different things when the mood strikes me. It would probably be a lot of things related to foreign language, as that is really my focus in life right now.

Well, as I should get back to my homework and away from the blog, here is a start to the new blog. There will be more to come and potentially photos as well. As for now, it is just an introduction to basically say that I am doing this.