21 January 2012

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

It's been a while since I have been on and posted, which is evidence of how busy and tiring this pregnancy and job situation has been!  Finally I am sitting down to write a post and I am not completely sure what I want to say, but I know I should update.

To get perspective on where we are at on the pregnancy, we are at 26 weeks today and almost in the third trimester!!  It is unbelievable that in apr. 3 months we are going to be bringing a little baby boy or girl home from the hospital.  This little one sure makes her/her presence known already though!  I have read forum posts about the baby playing bongos on your bladder....  Well our little one sure does do that and has been doing it since about the end of November!  I have felt our baby move since about mid November.  In November at our check up the doctor was using a doppler to get the heartbeat and our dear child would not stop moving!  She was literally chasing our baby down on my belly.  It was quite entertaining!

The December check-up was ultrasound time!  Our baby kept placing his/her hands by the mouth, making it really hard to get a good 3D shot of the head.  We elected not to find out the gender of our baby.  So we don't know, and if we don't know we sure can't tell you!

We also had an exciting and not so fun incident the week before Thanksgiving.  My husband was playing basketball and managed to not only sprain his ankle, but also break his foot.  For a little more than a week now he has finally be allowed to not wear a walking boot all the time.  Which is also good thing for me, because he broke his right foot, meaning I have been honored to do all the driving!

Now the reason I called this post Decisions, Decisions, Decisions is because of a decision I was left needing to make this winter.  As I mentioned before the only real pregnancy symptom I have had has been exhaustion.  Well, that continues to be the case.  Now the exhaustion I have been experiencing has been really hard to deal with when it comes to be a first year, full time teacher.

This school year has been amazing!  I have thoroughly enjoyed being a Spanish teacher.  I just noticed a downhill slide when my energy never seemed to really come back.  I had a slight bump in energy for about a week or two as first tri ended and the second one began, but that was it, then I was back to just being completely exhausted all the time again and this time it was wearing on my quite a bit.  I started going to bed insanely early just to make it through the next day.  If I got what used to be my usual amount of sleep, I would be pretty worthless the next day...

So after lots of conversations with my husband and lots of prayer I went back from Christmas break having decided to step down from the position.  This has really been one of the hardest decisions of my life.  I really wanted to continue, I enjoyed teaching, but at the same time the joy I felt at the beginning of the school year seemed to be lost in yawns in constantly checking the clock.  Besides with our baby due in April I wasn't going to be able to finish the school year anyways...

It was amazing how quickly they managed to find someone to step in.  God is good all time!  After less than a week after break they were already hiring the new teacher!  I met with her a few times (it turns out we live in the same town and thus have the same half hour commute to work) and then this week (Mon-Wed) I worked with her to get things set up in the classroom and let her take over.  She seems like she will do a great job!  I left the job feeling excited for my (former) students that they have a new teacher excited to be there and one that has a lot of energy!

Now I get to focus on nesting.  :-)  I haven't done too much with that this week, but this first week is more about recovery and getting my feet back under me.  I did cook my husband breakfast yesterday (I hadn't cooked in a long time) and I am cooking him supper today, so I am moving forward, doing things I had been lacking the energy to do.  Hoping to make our house a home ready for a newborn infant.

With this change, I am sure I will be able to get on more often and write more about what is going on.  I will also be able to get caught up on things that were shoved to the side while working.  I am excited about the next 3 months.  It feels great to have a fresh start for the last trimester!