09 July 2014


This year has been a really insane year for me.  All year I have been struggling with sleep (though essential oils have over all really improved that), stomach problems, a screaming baby (ok that was towards the beginning of the year, but it still is part of what has made this year so stressful) and a whole slew of random things that has made life really interesting and generally just rough.

Ok, this is not a post to complain, I'm just trying to set the stage.  Because of all of these various struggles I have really dropped the ball on taking care of the house.  By that I am referring to laundry, dishes, general cleaning and cooking.  Basically this year I have done little of all of that and have really leaned on my husband for things.  Also getting my work done for the online class I teach has been a struggle (doesn't help that when Samuel is awake he grabs for my computer making it impossible for me to get stuff done while he's awake or close by).

So I keep falling in ruts of not getting much done.  Earlier this year, in one of those ruts I was having little success of getting me working again, so I did a search online for to do lists, but I was looking for something more than just a simple list, exactly what I wasn't sure.  That is when I stumbled on HabitRPG.  I have been using it off and on since last spring and when I first started using it, Ben was amazed at what all was getting done around the house.

Basically what it is is a site that you list habits, dailies and to dos.  Habits are things you do frequently, but do not necessarily have a particular rhythm to them.  Dailies are things you do every day or regularly on certain days (you can set it to be a MWF daily for example).  To Dos are things you do and they are done and you can set a deadline to do them by.

As you go throughout your day you check off things that you have done (the first weeks of using it the lists get tweaked and changed until they are what you want) and doing that you earn experience and gold and you can also find things like eggs, hatching potions and food.  You hatch your eggs and feed them and they can become your steed.  As you level up you get access to more things that you can do in the game.  You can also join guilds (kind of like joining a group on facebook), enter challenges (these have their own tasks and rewards of diamonds that are used to purchase things) or join a party.  Parties are groups of people that take on challenges and fight evil foes.  I have only done a solo challenge so far, which is an egg hunt.

Right now I need to get back or reorganizing my lists and the needs of life have changed a tad over the last months and re-enter things into my to-do list column.

If you are looking for something different, try out HabitRPG, yeah it is kind of gimicky, but it is free and kind of fun.  And if you join and want to go on a quest, let me know and we can form a party.